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Any qualified clinicians out there that would be willing to help my case at a reduced fee, please contact me. My health is now in serious decline and I'm desperate to find any help that could restore my health & dental function.

My greatest hope in finding help would be the ability to spend some quality time with my family and especially my grandchildren before I leave this world. Please consider being my hero not only for me, but for the family that still needs me, they didn't deserve to miss out.
Thank You...

Thank You for dropping by and let me welcome you to my Dental/Medical Awareness/Advocacy website. I hope you find my web site informative and your visit enlightening enough to join in sharing the awareness. 

So, who am I and what am I about?

Well, My name is Deanne Merchant aka Mama Dee and I was a Singer/Song Writer/Radio Host and devout animal activist before I suffered Dental Harm/Fraud. Once praised and admired for my vocal abilities as one of Rhode Islands top Blues performers, I am sadly no longer able to partake and enjoy the fruits of my musical labor. Now I utilize what's left of my voice in a different way..

Raising Awareness for Dental Safety.

So before I share a snapshot of how this website came about, what's most important here is not, my personal story but rather my efforts to 'Empower & Educate' the public. To help make the public aware a major issue exists with implantable devices in an attempt to prevent you befalling the same fate. 
So, with that being said,
if you, a loved one or friend are considering any procedure that involves 'Implantable Devices', please take advantage of my research and review the following pages. They are informative, educational and best of all,  free to use. Please remember to share with family & friends and if you can donate, anything helps, thank you.

Dental - https://www.welcometodds.com/the-empowered-patient

Medical - https://www.welcometodds.com/metal-toxicity-reference

Now, a synopsis to the genesis of this site.

Victimized by (proven) botched dental work and deceitful lab practices, I felt I had little choice but to try to champion the dental awareness front in an effort to prevent others from befalling similar tragedies.

My deep desire & determination to solve the intricate puzzle of my declining health after a dental restoration has many declaring me the, 'Erin Brockovich' of Dental malpractice, lol. And while I'm honored by the association, I'm not sure I could hold a candle to Ms. Brockovich. However, I do feel what I did uncover and was able to prove about my story is pretty compelling given all the circumstances.

This web site may have it's humble beginnings via my story but since broadening it's horizons it has been warmly embraced by both the public, and those in the medical/dental community who see the need for change. That's an accomplishment I am quite proud of!

At any rate, it was inconceivable to me that there are lemon laws against getting taken on a vehicle yet nothing for a dental restoration?

It wasn't until after doing some intense research I became very intrigued and was amazed at how little not only I knew but the general public knows about dental procedures, materials and the laws governing them or lack thereof.

After all attempts to find legal resolve failed and the dental community chose to punish me for challenging them, this web site, is my only accountability! With no (qualified) dental professional  willing to help me maintain the mess I was left with, I felt compelled as a victim to 'fight' back at the injustice of it all.

Thanks to the network of patient advocates on social media, I was able to make the connections I needed but in doing so, saw a  problem that was far more wide spread than I could've ever imagined.

That's why there's more than just a focus on dental.

Before you read further, let me make one thing clear here about the genesis of this site. I am not the disgruntled, unappeasable, mentally unstable (how many dental patients find themselves labelled after inquiring on questionable dental work) patient going on a 'smear' campaign because I don't have anything better to do.


I loved my smile, I think Richard Napolitano formerly of Precision Craft Dental (now Knights Dental Group) did a wonderful job in that respect! I conveyed that to him on numerous occasions. The end result I think is very aesthetically pleasing, that's not the issue here nor was it ever. Its the continuing malfunction of the bridgework causing 'overload', endangering whats left of my implants and the deliberate substitution of materials that created the mess I'm in, that's, what I have a problem with.


Having the lab owner acknowledge something was done incorrectly, speak to your healthcare specialist personally and agree something needs to be done while doing nothing but placating quick fixes is appalling to say the least.

Then you wake up to the realization there is no where to turn for help and dental boards seldom reprimand and are not, transparent, it becomes a very, rude awakening.


So because I put my trust and faith in a team that knew the laws and just brushed off my legitimate issues til the time ran out so they didn't have to address it, I'm left holding the bag?


As you may sense an air of anger thru my words, know before you read my story, there's no denying the irony in all of it. This whole situation? was completely preventable. Had the misalignment been addressed immediately and the materials (that continually and negatively impact my health) not substituted?


This web site would not exist!


It wasn't a crime against their oath until the dentist chose to ignore the obvious and the lab owner followed deplorable deceptive practices.


Sadly, I am left to pay the ultimate price of my ignorance after paying a small fortune in good faith to have it done!

So my tip to you is...

Learn From My Mistakes, Don't Become One!

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